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Last Update - August 29, 2011.
Globus Store

Globus Bookstore was opened in 1971 and since 1984 has been owned and managed by Veronica Ahrens-Pulawski. Its founder, Vladimir N. Azar, also established GLOBUS Publishing House and Printers and published many books written by Russian emigres of the first and second waves; the Publishing House was closed upon his death.

Globus Slavic Bookstore specializes primarily in books in Russian, promptly acquiring latest publications on a wide range of topics from Russia. We also have a large stock of books published before the 1917 Revolution and during the Soviet era. We are one of the few bookstores in North America which offers out-of-print, rare, and antiquarian books and serials. Our stock is frequently replenished by valuable rare materials obtained from book collectors. We also search for hard-to-find, limited editions, and rare books on request.

We also sell decorating supplies for making Ukrainian Easter Egg (pysanki).

We are inviting you to look at our catalogues posted on this web-site or contact us at the above addresses.

How to Order

1. Please send us the list of items you wish to buy
by e-mail: globusbook@sbcglobal.net
by fax/phone: (415) 668-4723
by mail: GLOBUS A Slavic Bookstore
332 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94118     USA

2. With your order, please indicate how you wish the items mailed to you:

  -by media mail in the USA  
    – 1 book - $ 3.50
    – 2 books - $ 4.50
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  -by priority mail in the USA  
  - by Priority Flat Rate to other countries