Item #12965 Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans. Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm.
Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans
Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans

Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans

London: Unicorn, 2018.

Item #12965
ISBN: 9781911604204

Hardcover. 278 pp.

Few artists are as well-known as Carl Fabergé (1846–1920)—his name alone conjures up images of his brilliantly ornate egg artworks. Wherever his works are shown, whether at exhibitions or in auction rooms, they delight and awe viewers.
​This book tells the story of Fabergé and his work as jeweler to the Russian imperial court—but it goes beyond that. To make his incredibly ornate creations, Fabergé required support—lots of it. Without countless other people working behind the scenes, including designers, master goldsmiths, and silversmiths, Fabergé’s business could not have flourished. Fabergé: His Masters and Artisans lifts these craftsmen into the limelight, not only because their work deserves our attention, but because the captivating stories of their lives and careers add appreciably to what is known of the working processes at Fabergé’s studio. Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm also explores jewelry manufacturing methods, touches on the company’s well known and influential customers, and, of course, showcases Fabergé’s very recognizable style and creativity. The book offers much that will be new even to well-read aficionados, interweaving images of the works with reminiscences, letters, and personal photographs. No fan of Fabergé should miss it.

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