Item #7352 Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine. Anna Reid.

Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine

Basic Books, 2015.

New Book.

Item #7352
ISBN: 9780465055890

Paperback. 368 pp.

In this finely written and penetrating book, Anna Reid combines research and her own experiences to chart Ukraine s tragic past. Talking to peasants and politicians, rabbis and racketeers, dissidents and paramilitaries, survivors of Stalin s famine and of Nazi labor camps, she reveals the layers of myth and propaganda that wrap this divided land. From the Polish churches of Lviv to the coal mines of the Russian-speaking Donbass, from the Galician shtetlech to the Tatar shantytowns of Crimea, the book explores Ukraine s struggle to build itself a national identity, and identity that faces up to a bloody past, and embraces all the peoples within its borders."