Item #10794 Ukrainian American Poets Respond

Ukrainian American Poets Respond

Olena Jennings, 2022.

New Book.

Item #10794
ISBN: 9781735147864

Paperback. 118 pp.

Open this book to discover 29 poetic views on Ukraine and Ukrainian culture and heritage in America. These poems were submitted or read at two online events as the poets' responses to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in the spring of 2022. The online events presented poets from Boston to Austin, from New York to Chicago. Some poets include names recognized in Ukraine such as Oksana Lutsyshyna to Serhiy Zhadan to rock favorite Eugene Hutz, the front man for Gogol Bordello. A writer better known for his American fiction, Askold Melnyczuk, is also included. Many poets work in English and Ukrainian, but included are poets who also work in other languages. The poems range in style from lyrical to narrative to song. Included in this anthology are emerging poets and prize-winning poets. Some poems create a dialogue with Ukrainian literature, while others address events in the United States. Listen to the readings by the poets. Donate. See QR codes inside.

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