The Satyr. Robert De Maria.

The Satyr

New York: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1972.

Excellent condition.

Item #3328

Dust Jacket.

179 pp.

First Edition

Marc McMann, a thirty-five-year-old textbook editor, wants to marry twenty-year-old Laura, who, if a bit bubble headed, is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, if he does so his mother will disinherit him. Another problem is that although he himself is a sensualist on a grans scale, it seems to him only right and proper that he should marry a virgin, so Laura remains inviolate, very much against the poor girl's will.

Marc decides that while he does want to marry Laura, he does not want to be disinherited, and that the only logical thing to do is bump off mama before she has a chance to bump him out of her will. And off we go on one of funniest, most bizarre would-be mama-killer.

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