Item #6008 21: Russian Short Prose from the Odd Century

21: Russian Short Prose from the Odd Century

Academic Studies Press, 2019.

New Book.

Item #6008
ISBN: 9781644690550

334 pages

This collection of Russian short stories from the 21st century includes works by famous writers and young talents alike, representing a diversity of generational, gender, ethnic and national identities. Most of texts in this volume appear in English for the first time. 21 will appeal to anyone interested in contemporary Russia.

Table of Contents:
Nikolai Baitov. Solovyov's Trick; Silentium. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Evgeny Shklovsky. The Street. Translated by Jason Cieply.
Vladimir Sorokin. Smirnov. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Nikolai Kononov. Evgenia's Genius. Translated by Simon Schuchat.
Leonid Kostyukov. Verkhovsky and Son. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Sergei Soloukh. A Search. Translated by Margarita Vaysman and Angus Balkham.
Margarita Khemlin. Shady Business. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Elena Dolgopyat. The Victim. Translated by Jason Cieply.
Kirill Kobrin. Amadeus. Translated by Veronika Lakotová.
Pavel Pepperstein. Tongue. Translated by Bradley Gorski.
Aleksandr Ilichevsky. The Sparrow. Translated by Bradley Gorski.
Stanislav Lvovsky. Roaming. Translated by Bradley Gorski.
Valery Votrin. Alkonost. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Linor Goralik. A Little Stick; 1:38 A.M.; No Such Thing; Come On, It's Funny; The Foundling; We Can't Even Imagine Heights Like That; Cyst. Translated by Maya Vinokour.
Aleksey Tsvetkov Jr. Priceart. Translated by Sofya Khagi.
Lara Vapnyar. Salad Olivier.
Polina Barskova. Reaper of Leaves. Translated by Catherine Ciepiela.
Arkady Babchenko. Argun. Translated by Nicholas Allen.
Denis Osokin. Ludo Logar, or Duck Throat; The New Shoes. Translated by Simon Schuchat.
Maria Boteva. Where the Truth Is. Translated by Jason Cieply.
Marianna Geide. Ivan Grigoriev. Translated by Simon Schuchat.

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